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aRcaer SpeedTek is the engineering team from experience automotive electronic / engine control system / winning racer. Our core technology is from users' view to be the system integrated for various applications in Auto and Motorcycle power management. Our target is to provide the high quality, low cost and powerful EFI system for customers. The powerful EFI isn't only the complete function to replace stock EFI system, but also to install, tune, upgrade and be interesting easily for user!!

aRacer SpeedTek puts products in the best test bed in racetrack in Asia. We cooperate and work together with race team to improve our products continually. All experience is put on our products design / manufactured. Customers can enjoy self-tuning and interesting riding easily everywhere.

The development & verification of our all products are followed OEM process. Besides OEM verification specs, we also add the special specs from racing experience. The process can guarantee all of our racing electronic products are the best quality than stock electronic parts.

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  • 15Nov
    aRacer RCMiniX standalone ECU Debut!

    The fourth stop–Suzuka International Circuit, Japan
    The fourth stop of ARRC was at the Suzuka International Circuit in Japan. The two-day competition went through dry ground and wet ground, and it was a tough test to adjust and set the vehicles for technicians and riders. Several motorcycle models entered the competition of the AP250 class, including HONDA CBR250RR, YAMAHA YZF-R25 and KAWASAKI Ninja250. All the motorcycles of the AP250 class use the aRacer ECU, and nearly 95% of the motorcycles of the UB150 class also use the aRacer ECU.

  • 10Jan
    AF2 Professional Wideband AFR Module

    GSX-R 150 is positioned to attract young people's attention. In addition to the imitating racing elements in the appearance, if you want to add more speed to the motorcycle, it is also a good idea to start optimizing from small places.
    Today we are going to introduce the aRacer QSS Quickshifter. The price for the whole set is only NT$5500(about 172 US Dollar), and you don't need to cost money to modify the computer programs. It is said that the installation is very convenient and fast, is this really true? Let's take a look.