aRacer warranty terms

aRacer is committed to designing and manufacturing high-performance products that exceed market expectations, and the products designed and manufactured by aRacer are subject to the following terms and conditions related to warranty

1. Warranty product and warranty period
(1) ECU products and function control modules and Battery: one-year warranty
(2) Display/Meter products: half-year warranty
(3) Sensors, conversion box, wires, switches, consumables, etc.: are not covered by the warranty

2. Warranty
(1) The warranty service provided by the company is only for the first purchaser of the company's products, and it must be purchased from the distribution base authorized by the company (if not the first purchaser of the company's products, or to Purchases from distribution locations not authorized by the company are not covered by the warranty service).
(2) Warranty service is only provided for related products whose content can be clearly identified on the product serial number label and warranty card. If the product serial number label and warranty card cannot identify the content, aRacer will evaluate whether to provide warranty service on its own.
(3) Warranty service is limited to product damage not caused by improper use, intentional damage and natural disaster.
(4) The brand-new or refurbished products manufactured by aRacer will provide warranty or limited warranty service if they meet the aforementioned terms.
(5) Warranty service refers to the maintenance and repair of the product provided with the warranty service to the state of normal function and normal use.

3. Limitation of Warranty Liability
aRacer does not guarantee that the product is suitable for any purpose, it is not a specific purpose listed in the product manual, and this limited warranty replaces all guarantees, guarantees, conditions, and terms regulated by laws, common laws, trade practices, and trading practices , commitments and obligations (including warranties of merchantability), all such warranties are excluded to the extent permitted by law. There is no obligation to compensate product buyers or other third parties for other inevitable, indirect, and incidental losses caused by product defects, such as other product losses, loss of working hours, or loss of goodwill. aRacer is not responsible for any damage or failure of other equipment caused by its own products.

4. Warranty process
Consumers need to provide the product and the warranty card to the original purchaser at the same time, and the store will fill in the product warranty (abnormal detection) application form and send it to the company together with the product and the warranty card, and the consumer will be responsible for the product. Shipping costs to our company. After the product maintenance and warranty are completed, the company shall pay the freight and send it back to the consumer.

5. The warranty terms are disclosed above, and the company reserves the right to modify the relevant terms