aRacer warranty terms


We do our best to design and manufacture the products that meet or exceed market expectations.


Limited warranty terms:

ECU products and function modules have one year warranty

Display products have half year warranty

Sensors, wires and consumables are not covered by the warranty

The warranty clause is only applicable to the first consumer who purchases the product and the sales store authorized by the aRacer

The product serial number label of the product and the warranty card must be clearly identifiable. If they cannot be identified, aRacer reserves the right to guarantee the warranty or not.

The warranty is limited to product damage caused by non-human negligence

Warranty products can be brand new or refurbished

Warranty compensation is only for the product itself, and other related losses are not compensated (disassembly wages, other parts or other reasons, etc.)


Product warranty return policy:

The original product is returned to the original factory for warranty, and the damage phenomenon should be clearly marked and clear labels related to the warranty product, warranty card and other important information should be provided

The original product needs to go through the original purchase store that belong the aRacer’s authorized store and present the warranty card, the store will send it back to aRacer for repair and warranty.

The shipping cost of the original product to aRacer will be paid by the consumers, and the return shipping cost of the completed warranty or repair product will be borne by aRacer



aRacer reserves the right to modify the warranty terms