The singing R6 is here again!
aRacer RC Super2 arrangement, automatic warm-up function

Another feature of RCSuper2 is the automatic warm-up function commonly used in racing fields. With the racing function module and racing buttons, you can set the automatic warm-up speed, maximum operating temperature, and automatic throttle opening, etc. You can make your bike have functions similar to MotoGP racing through software settings.

It's not a big deal for a motorcycle to have a launch mode, but scooter also has a launch mode!

When the bike launch, it is most afraid of too much power, which will cause the front wheel to be uncontrollable, or the rear wheel will slip seriously and slow down the start. Good launch control makes it easier for the driver to control the accelerator and bike dynamics at the launch.
At the beginning, the torque output of the engine was reduced through the computer. As the tires can obtain the best grip, they gradually give more power output.

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