aRacer that often appears in Southeast Asian competitions in recent years has become famous under the nurturing of the competitions. Today, aracer exhibits the all new Sport D Panel & Knock Sensor Module at Booth R0510 on second floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2. Let manufacturers from all over the world experience the design and development skills of aRacer again! 


Product launch of Sport D Panel & Knock Sensor Module
Before entering the exhibition booth, you can clearly see the two main characters of this exhibition, Sport D Panel and Knock Sensor Module. The big "Try Me!" sign is where you can experience the Knock Sensor Module. You can pick up the small hammer on the table and hit the cylinder, and then observe the Sopret D Panel to discover the differences.

During the operation of the engine, it will generate a fixed frequency, and when the engine produces a knocking, the overall frequency will increase relatively. Sport D Panel will also display values in the upper right corner to alert the engine knocking and other conditions. In the future, the addition of CubeG will not be ruled out, adding more feature to Sport D Panel.

We also display RC Super2, and let everyone take a look at this newly designed ECU.

Of course, the Race Function Module also displays in the aRacer booth, including the Race Function Module, GPS, Race Button, Quick Shift, Race Panel and AF1, etc. These products are refined by the competitions, including ARRC, they can enhance the motocycles' power during the modification.

The one interested in these can use the holiday to visit Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. ARacer’s is at Booth R0510 on second floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2. You can experience the operation of Knock Sensor Module in person.