The severe international epidemic of covid-19 caused ARRC (Asian Road Racing Championship) to suspend international events for two years, and finally resumed the event this year. The stage of factory teams and professional teams from various countries in Asia is back again. This year's competition groups are different from the previous ones, namely UB150, AP250, SS600, SS1000, and the new TVS RR310R standard group at the second stop this year. The participating cars of AP250 are Honda CBR250RR, Yamaha R25, Kawasaki Ninja250, about 18~22 cars per race (because there may be local satellite teams participating in each country)


 aRacer was strongly invited by ARRC in 2018, hoping to produce a unified specification ECU, so that different brands of cars and teams with different resources can compete in the fairest conditions. The ARRC AP250 class in 2019 all use SPEC ECUs (made by aRacer for the ARRC special edition), and limit the speed to make the AP250 class race fairer and more watchable. Indeed, the AP250 competition in 2019 has achieved great results, narrowing the difference between the factory team and the new model of the racing car and the team, and even the winner of the AP250 was not determined until the last stop. aRacer has been continuously improving product innovation and research and development. At the beginning of this year, the new RCSuperX computer was launched, which was closely followed by the ARRC competition, and hoped to introduce a new ECU in the AP250 group. The second ARRC stop in Sepang was officially launched, and the race support team of aRacer also went to Sepang to provide support.

Asia Production 250

The SPEC X ECU used by AP250 is rooted in RCSuperX. The biggest difference from the normal version of RCSuperX is that the wifi function is turned off due to the requirement of the competition, and communication can only be done by wiring (using Pro-Link adjustment cable). The ECU engine speed limit is controlled by the ARRC competition. It can be adjusted at any time according to the situation of the game.



The standard SPEC X ECU system of the AP250 group includes: SPEC X ECU, Pro-Link calibration line, racing function module (including GPS track, inclination, lap timing and other important data), before the race, the race will specially borrow Sepang The media center of the track asked the Racer team to introduce and teach the SPEC X ECU and the adjustment interface. Of course...the whole process will explain the differences and functions of the SPEC X ECU in English, and how to use it. After all, Asian countries have different native languages.

Before the race, the teams have to return the SPEC ECU and some peripheral parts, take away the SPEC X ECU, and install it on the race car. After two days of intense race 1 and race 2, the aRacer team was also curious about how SPEC X ECU could improve the team's performance, so they compared the results of the same team, drivers and racing cars at the Sepang Circuit before and after, using The SPEC X ECU was about a second faster on average than the previous 2019 results with the SPEC ECU. aRacer verifies the product function and performance on the track. Using aRacer's products, you can immediately feel the essence of the quenched chain on the track. 

TVS Apache RR310  one make race

ARRC has added a new category in the second stop this year: TVS Apache RR310 Unification Tournament, recruiting young players from various Asian countries, a bit like the concept of the Honda Dream Cup, hoping to cultivate good players to continue to climb to higher levels high level. This group is also imported into SPEC X ECU system, including SPEC X ECU, racing function module, racing instrument and racing switch and Pro-Link tuning line. With the original engine, only modified intake and exhaust and the blessing of SPEC X ECU, the power of the original single-cylinder engine RR310R can be increased from 34hp to 48hp, a power increase of more than 41%! The fastest speed of over 201km/h at the bottom of the Sepang circuit! (AP250 top speed is about 180~190km/h)





2018 TVS Apache RR310 Specifications Table Engine Type: 4-stroke, water, oil-cooled, DOHC, single-cylinder engine Bore x Stroke: 80 x 62.1mm Fuel Supply: Electronic Injection System Displacement: 312cc Compression Ratio: 10.9:1 Maximum Horsepower : 34PS / 9,700 rpm Maximum torque: 27.3Nm / 7,700 rpm Transmission method: 6-speed chain drive Frame type: Steel tube braided frame Front suspension: KYB inverted front fork Rear suspension: KYB central single gun rear shock Brake: Dual-piston caliper, 300mm floating disc, ABS Rear brake: Single-piston front, 240mm disc, ABS Wheelbase: 1,365mm Seat height: 810mm Wet weight: 169.5kg

Underbone 150

The UB150 models are all the most popular 150cc models in Southeast Asia. Yamaha Exciter and Honda RS150 are the main competition models, and they have been heavily modified. The original 150cc engine is about 12hp, and after modification, it can reach 28~29hp. The adjustment of the ECU is even more important! Although there is no standard ECU for UB150 at present, there is only one team in the UB150 group that does not use aRacer computer, so 95% of UB150 racing cars use aRacer ECU! It can be seen that aRacer ECU is deeply trusted and supported by international teams.