Cube G Ultra Compact OBD Gauge

CubeG is all new design concept for EFI motorcycle applications. 
CubeG base on stock ECU with OBD bus to read back EFI engine
data and show on OLED screen. CubeG is waterproof design and 
the function includes:

1. With stock ECU or aRacer ECU, Plug & Play, no cut harness

2. Engine data display (RPM, Engine Coolant Temp, Battery 
Voltage, Speed, O2 voltage…)

3. Show Malfunction code & clear Malfunction code

4. Maximum Value Record (Memory peak value of RPM, 
Engine Temp, Speed….)

5. Alert Setting (Set Alert of RPM limit, Speed limit, Engine 
Temp limit, Low Voltage, High Voltage…)

6. Acceleration Test (50M, 100M, 400M test) (base on if vehicle
model has speed data)

7. Yamaha CO adjust & Yamaha Diagnostic function


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Cube G Ultra Compact OBD Gauge Introduction