Strengthen the ignit...
Speaking of Taiwan's well-known ECU modification factory, I believe everyone is ...
Recording and monito...
aRacer, Taiwan's well-known dynamic system ECU modification factory, officially launch the new aRacer bLink Bluetooth monitoring system today. aRacer bLink which directly connect with aRacer ECU can record the real-time condition of the motorcycle and also connect with the computer system Speed Tuning, so you can do the adjustment while you are watching. Let’s see the Detailed description.
Do you modify the mo...
I often see a lot of people asking questions about the transmission of scooter. From the discussion, I also found that everyone has different opinions on the adjustment of the motorcycle transmission. Many newcomers, even veterans who ride motorcycles for quite some time, have little knowledge of the motorcycle transmission.
aRacer ARRC Race Results:Round Three in 2018 -The Suzuka Circuit, Japan.
The third round of ARRC 2018 is held in Suzuka Circuit, Japan. Currently, Suzuka...
aRacer ARRC Race Results:Round One in 2018 –Chang International, Thailand.
Thanks to its outstanding performance, aRacer products often make the teams usin...
aRacer ARRC Race Results:Round Two in 2018 - The Bend Motorsport Park, Australia.
The second round of ARRC is held in the Bend Motorsport Park Circuit of Australi...
aRacer ARRC Race Results:Final Stop in 2017 –Chang International, Thailand.
The last round of ARRC 2017 was held in Chang International Motor Circuit in Tha...
aRacer ARRC Race Results:Round Four in 2018 - Madras Motor Race Track, India
In August, ARRC comes to India during mid-summer to launch its fourth round in this year. Joining the event of ARRC since 2016, Madras Motor Race Track is located 30 kilometers away from the major automobile city of India – Chennai. The total length of main circuit is 3.717 kilometers, vehicles allowed for races in this track include motorcycles up to MotoGP and cars up to F3.
10% up GSX-R 150!The key to break the limit of revolutions is aRacer RCmini5
Speaking of the recent hot car model, it is definitely SUZUKI GSX-R150. Except for having a dazzling styling appearance, the dynamic part is the best among the OEM vehicles. But it is not enough to meet the needs of the owners, aRacer ECU also launched a new RCmini5 ECU corresponding to SUZUKI GSX-R150.
aRacer standalone quickshifter official announce
Clutchless shifting High precision cutting the ignition Compress & pull type sensor can be selected Ten level trigger timing can be adjusted