[REPORT] XMAX 300 power advanced by smart phone! A trial of aRacer Mini 5 for XMAX 300



We are introducing RC Mini 5 for XMAX 300 and bLink Bluetooth Module.
Besides installation of RC Mini 5, we introduce the fundamental operating settings for Smart APP.
Before installation, here are the original power and torque data prior to modification.


The original horse and torque are 23.2hp@7242rpm and 24.8Nm@5659rpm, respectively.
The speed climbs smoothly in the start and medium phases and reaches 8800rpm in
the tail phase with the original limit by 9000rpm.
How to install RC Mini 5 for XMAX 300


Due to XMAX 300 ECU hidden in the space underneath the lock, it is essential to
remove the complete shell prior to installation.
For those inexperienced in removing the shell, it is strongly recommended to trust
a technician to install RC Mini 5 for safety.


As the shell is fully removed, the original ECU enclosed by the bracket can be spotted.


Remove the RC Mini 5 body from the package.  Each has its own corresponding ECU.
A canned program package for optimization of the original ECU will be installed.


The bLink Bluetooth module is installed.


RC Mini 5 has 2 connectors.  The old yellow one is for connection with associated
accessories like bLink, one-to-many adaptor cable, AF1 package.
The new red one is for connection with small connectors of newly minimized parts.


The Smart Key system applies to XMAX 300.  It is essential to perform the key signal
acquisition prior to installing aRacer.
Please apply the signal acquisition line to copy the original key signal to aRacer.


Link one side of the acquisition line to the line of the motorcycle.


Link the other side to the original ECU and RC Mini 5.


As the switch is on, the blue display lamp of RC Mini 5 will be on.
The original key signal is acquired by aRacer.


Later, as the switch is off, the key signal acquisition is done as the blue lamp is off.
At this point, RC Mini 5 has acquired the original key signal with the Smart Key original
anti-theft function.
Security is functional after modification.


With RC Mini 5 for XMAX 300 installed, optimization is done for regaining the power and torque.


With the Smart APP interface along with bLink Bluetooth, the messages not shown
on the display can be shown on the monitoring interface of APP.
How much power and torque can be advanced?
With RC Mini 5 installed, the maximal power and torque are 24.2hp@7207rpm and
25.8Nm@5557rpm, respectively.
In terms of the same revolutions, both the power and torque got advanced and the
extension of the tail phase got improved.


Let me illustrate how to operate Smart APP.
Click APP and enter the Control Menu.
Click bLink for connection.


After connection, the information of the current state will be shown and this can be
the digital display for common riding.


The user can customize the display zones with long clicking to open the menu.


It is strongly recommended to apply the vertical screen to aRacer parameters tuning.
This helps display the related parameters on the bottom.  The user-friendly intuitive
interface is for handy tuning.

Switch between Chinese and English is available.

As the monitoring screen is done, let us move to the engine tuning
Tuning of fuel supply, resolutions, ignition, fan temperature, etc.
and the latest VVA is available.
With AF-1 package, the auto fuel tuning under the air fuel ratio (AFR)
setting is available.


XMAX300 has the original top revolutions by 9000rpm.  The canned program
of RC Mini 5 for XMAX300 has the revolutions limit by 9500rpm.


The original water temp gauge applies the cells for display.  
Smart APP has the numerical display and can set the timing to open the
water-cooling fan.  This is for handy cooling.


To avoid the speed gap between APP and display, the speed display
can be calibrated as well.




No fine riding out of too thick the gas while startin. To avoid overheated
cylinder head out of lean-burn.
APP can get the fuel distributed under diverse revolutions and speeds done.


Each tuning can be saved as a map.  The map can be shared by APP to
social networking services for exchanges as well.


Click YES to save the map in RC Mini 5.


While writing, the blue lamp of bLink will be on.


In need of a new start out of messed maps?
Open APP and enter QB for re-burning.


Select the corresponding brand and type, and download the canned
data on the official homepage.


RC Mini 5 can be restored.

Concluding remarks:

The installation and setting steps in Phase 1 can meet the demands for ordinary
riders to regain the power and torque easily.
Smart APP tuning is for those with alteration of transmission and exhaust pipes or
in need of writing precise fuel supply settings.
Still, expertise takes time and swift perfect tuning will not happen overnight.
Should fuel supply go wrong, the user can burn the canned program from aRacer
in the ECU via QB.
With aRacer RC Mini 5 + bLink Bluetooth, the information can be displayed by the
APP monitoring interface via wireless transmission.  Smart APP advances the
handiness of tuning for technicians.   QB aid inspires novices for tuning.
It is the era of smart phone modification. Let us be part of it.