Recording and monitoring are in one machine. All new releases include aRacer blink Bluetooth Wireless Module, Data Logger Module and Traction Control System.

aRacer, Taiwan's well-known dynamic system ECU modification factory, officially launch the new aRacer bLink Bluetooth monitoring system today. aRacer bLink which directly connect with aRacer ECU can record the real-time condition of the motorcycle and also connect with the computer system Speed Tuning, so you can do the adjustment while you are watching. Let’s see the Detailed description.

Introducing aRacer bLink

aRacer bLink is quiet small, and it is equivalent to the size of a lighter. It can be quite easy to hide inside the motorcycle to save space. The connecting joint can pair up with aRacer ECU’s plug, and you can install the aRacer bLink with a simple action. And next we have the actual installation test to let the motorcycle fans know more about the monitoring status of bLink.


Features of the three major products from aRacer

  1. blink Bluetooth Wireless Module
  2. Race Function Module
  3. 3.Logger Module

First we will install the previously introduced RC1 Super on top of the motorcycle.

To connect aRacer blink is really easy. Simply plug in the aRacer ECU plug and you have completed the installation.
After you turn on the switch, there are indicator lights under the word ‘aRacer’.
From left to right, they are for Bluetooth pairing, ECU connection and computer (mobile phone) connection.

How to use aRacer bLink

Before we use aRacer blink, we can refer to various functions through a more detailed instruction manual. In the instruction manual, it mentions a few important information including that the wireless connection distance must less than 5 meters, vehicle electric power needs to reach 11.5V or more, and for a specific vehicle type or abnormal power failure you have to wait for five seconds to restart aRacer blink to avoid unable to link or destroy. 

The connection of the computer SpeedTuning can also be connected through the connection pairing button on the top of the screen, but you have to turn on the Bluetooth system of the computer to pair with bLink to complete the connection.

We use the mobile to actually downloaded the app. Please search for aRacer SpeedTek Lite and download the program. 

aRacer bLink connection main interface display

After you download the program, aRacer SpeedTek Lite, you can log into aRacer SpeedTek Lite to select the setting buttons. Once you set up the connection of the Bluetooth, you can immediately monitor the status of the motorcycle. Of course, the green light will light up on the upper side of the bLink after connecting, indicating that the connection has completed.

When you open the main screen of monitoring, you can find the data of speed per hour and Revolution Per Minute marked in the center. The outer circle has some important information. If you watch clockwise, they are TEng for the temperate of the engine, TPS for Throttle Position Sensor, SA for Spark Angel, and AFR for Air-fuel ratio.

Let’s actually start the motorcycle, and you can see that the value of each item also changes with the throttles increase.

Through the easy-to-understand and clever information display, it also makes it easier for the owners to identify the status of their own motorcycles. 

aRacer bLink function item

It also has a function option list to let you choose from. It includes the main monitoring screen, record storage area, monitoring settings, start record button, stop record button, etc.

aRacer bLink Monitoring system settings

The monitoring settings section can fine-tune five functions, including the maximum rpm, the limit of the engine temperate, the speed limit, the minimum voltage and the lowest air-fuel ratio. 

The monitoring system settings will show your setting values in the final record.

aRacer bLink, to start up the record and display the file record.

By actually operating the record button, you will also find the recording time in the upper left.

After stopping recording, you can go back to the record area and observe the route options you just recorded.

When you open the record, it will immediately display all information on the record. It has an interface which is quite similar with the computer SpeedTuning system, therefore it is easier to read and find the problems of the motorcycle. The four options below can also be switched to all information by clicking on it.

aRacer bLink adjustable record option

All information includes Revolution Per Minute, Spark Angel, the Percentage of Throttle Position Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor Index, the Temperate of the Air index, the temperate of the engine, the Vehicle Speed and the Volt of the Battery.

And it also includes Air-fuel ratio, Wideband Air-fuel ratio, Acceleration Fuel multiplication, Fuel Injector Pulse Width, Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure, Final Volume Mass, Injector Period Rate and Air Flow. You can switch to observe all the values.

Easy operation can let you immediately understand the status of the vehicle is the key feature of aRacer bLink. Using a chart to present all the data, the owners can clearly identify the settings at each time point. To find the problems during adjustment is definitely easier and correct them by the computer. When you go out to do the test run, it also reduces the risk of moving the instrument. By connecting the record to the computer, you can immediately adjust it, greatly reducing the complicated disassembly steps during adjustment and increasing the convenience.