aRacer ARRC Race Results:Round Three in 2018 -The Suzuka Circuit, Japan.

The third round of ARRC 2018 is held in Suzuka Circuit, Japan. Currently, Suzuka Circuit is the oldest circuit in ARRC history. Although it was built more than forty years ago, the numerous world-famous MotoGP and F1 races which take place here, as well as the annual Suzuka 8 Hours race, all have contributed to the present-day position of Suzuka Circuit. ARRC arranges a round in this legendary circuit ahead of mid-summer every year. As for many non-Japanese riders, this round is just like a pilgrimage.

ARRC attracted many Japanese fans to watch the competition in Suzuka Circuit.


For aRacer technicians, their top mission is to support every rider who uses aRacer ECU to do his best performance and win the title in this legendary circuit. In the UB150 class, aRacer Super RC1 has become an indispensable equipment for all teams except one team which uses other brand instead. And, without surprise, aRacer products can be found in all winning motorcycles of this category. For the time being, HONDA RS150 and YAMAHA Y15ZR are two dominant racing models in the UB150 class, it is too difficult to determine which model outperforms the other. However, no matter which one will emerge victorious in the long run, aRacer can serve both models well and keep them in their best condition.  


UB150 class race results of aRacer support teams
Race 1
First:SCK Rapido Hi Rev Honda Racing Team
Second:Team UMA Racing Yamaha Maju Motor
Third:Team Yamaha Yamalube SND Factory

Race 2

First:Team Yamaha Yamalube SND Factory
Second:Yamaha Racing Team Indonesia

Rider No. 32 Md Helmi Azman won the championship in Round 1.


Rider No.23 Gupita Kresna Wardhana won the championship in Round 2, it was the first time he stood on the highest step of podium this year.

In the AP250 category which Taiwanese motorsports fans are more familiar with, CBR250RR is still the best-performed model. United Oil M-Mate Racing and its member Chiou Ke-Lung(邱科龍)also rides this model and use aRacer Super RC2 ECU to compete in this round. Among the teams supported by aRacer, YAMAHA Thailand racing took the second place in Race 1 while Manual Tech KYT Kawasaki Racing, which using new model Ninja 250 to compete, held the third place in Race 2.

Nearly all members of Team United Oil M-Mate Racing come from Taiwan, its key rider Chiou Ke-Lung邱科龍)rides CBR250RR as his racing motorcycle which also uses aRacer ECU.

Astra HONDA Racing Team commanded absolute supremacy in Suzuka Circuit.


The Indonesian rider Andy, who poorly ranked 26 in Race 1, rocketed to the third place in Race 2 by exerting his real strength.

AP250 class race results of aRacer support teams
Race 1
Second:YAMAHA Thailand Racing Team

Race 2
Third:Team Manual Tech KYT Kawasaki Racing